Mount Pelion

Mount Pilio (pronounced "Pilio" in modern Greek, but known as "Pelion" in English) rises up from the city of Volos and stretches across the Pilio peninsula with the Pagasitikos Gulf on one side and the Aegean Sea on the other. The highest point of Pilio (Pourianos Stavros) is 1,624 meters. In Greek mythology the mountain was the summer residence of the gods and home of the Centaurs.
The Pilio range runs approximately 44 km from northwest to southeast and has a width of about 10 km in the south and 25 km further to the north. Approximate boundaries in the south are the south Platanorema near Neohori and in the north at Kaporema near the monastery Flamouriou. The highest peak is located on the north side of the mountain (out of bounds as it is a military installation). Other peaks are Kotroni 1550 meters, Pliasidi 1547 meters, AIDONAKIA 1537 meters, Agrioleukes 1471 meters, Dramalis 1455 meters, Schitzourafli 1450 meters, Calvary 1415 meters, and Lagonika 1300 meters.
Pelion gathers a very large number of visitors from all over the world in both the winter and summer months. The winter is preferred by those who wish to enjoy the beautiful mountain views and fresh air, snow, skiing, and spending time in nature, while the summer vacationers enjoying the beautiful beaches of Pelion for swimming, water sports, hiking, mountain biking, etc. Pelion remains beautiful all year round and is suitable for all kinds of activities and ecotourism while providing the necessary infrastructure to accommodate a large volume of tourists.
Pelion has a large number of trails which are ideal for hiking, trekking on horseback and cycling. The paths, along with the railroad Volos - Miles, were until the '60s the unique lines of communication between the villages and the city of Volos. Despite the passage of time, many of the old trails are still in very good condition thanks to the care of the local communities, allowing visitors the chance to explore the mountain up close and safely.

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